Leasehold K- Honey House

Small House on 4.1 Acres for sale in Northeast Missouri


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The Honey House and its 4.1 acre leasehold is an ideal small homestead for someone interested in joining Bear Creek and having a small footprint. This sweet little home was lovingly built by past residents using all natural building techniques– it has strawbale walls, earthen plastered walls, hardwood floors and ceiling, passive solar design, wood heat, and rainwater catchment for its current water source. The roof is steel and insulation in floor and ceiling is cellulose. The foundation under the strawbale walls is made of earthbags over top of a rubble trench. Extending public water pipes to this leasehold would be a doable project if desired, since they currently extend to the neighboring homestead.

Woods to the north of the Honey House

Surrounding the Honey House are a variety of young fruit trees shading southern sun exposure to the house. There are several mulberry trees, persimmon, redbud, and more. The Honey House backs up to a diverse deciduous forest that can supply ample firewood and other wild edibles. To its south and west is a stretch of native grassland, well suited for grazing or gardening. To the east are more young transitioning woods with quite a few autumn olive bushes, which produce a delicious edible red berry in fall.

Currently, this homestead is accessed from the west. A driveway and parking area are planned for 2020 that will terminate close to Leasehold H. From there, it is a short walk along the open meadow to Leasehold J and the Honey House. There is a middle leasehold (I) currently mapped out between J and H, but it is a possibility that that land could get divided or absorbed by the neighboring leaseholds if more acreage is desired.

The Honey House is accompanied by 4.1 acres of land. The house is $15,000 and the land is valued at a rate that amortizes periodically to match land value inflation in the area. The current price per acre is $2,128 (as of Feb 2023), making this leasehold around $24,000 (please call or email for exact figure). The membership process is described in more detail in the “About Us” section of the website. But once a member purchases the leasehold, they own all infrastructure and improvements made to the leasehold, while the land itself is leased from the Land Trust with a 99-year (or lifetime) lease.

View from the Honey House west. Amazing sunsets and nice summer breezes come from the west. Leasehold J has complete privacy from the road.

The following are more photos of the inside of the Honey House. Please feel free to call or write with any inquiries about this leasehold!

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