Leasehold C– Tiny House on Nine Acres

Cute as a button Tiny House for sale on 9 Acres of mixed wood and pasture land within a community of land-based homesteads.  



Join a growing homesteading movement in the style and comfort of your very own tiny house! This uniquely beautiful home offers a perfect blend of community and privacy. Excellent for an individual, a couple, or a starter home for building your own place! It could easily convert to an office, studio, or guest quarters later down the road.

Beth built this home from scratch in the summer of 2011, when she bought a raw but gorgeous piece of land and needed a place to live. She’s a builder by trade so she had the skills, but certainly relied on (more than a little) help from her friends to pull it off by winter. Beth has put oodles of loving care into crafting the house and designing the landscape on which it sits.

Aside from the land trust acreage, many small homesteads dot the landscape along the rural gravel road where the house sits, and the neighborhood is a testament to the joys and hard work of the many.

Life unexpectedly pulled Beth to Portland, OR, in 2015 where she now live, but the house suited her well for the four years she lived there. She has frequented the property since moving, and house sitters have been caring for it and the property in her absence. Beth is excited to pass along this property to the new steward(s) of the land and see what the next chapter may bring to the cute little house!

About the Tiny House:

  • 120 sq. ft. main floor
  • 50 sq. ft. sleeping loft with ample headspace
  • Interior dimensions 7’ x17’
  • Exterior dimensions 8’ x 18’
  • West facing 6’ x 8’ covered porch
  • Sunny and bright
  • Super functional layout, nicely proportioned
  • Built on a trailer in 2011 (though not as portable as some tiny houses on wheels)
  • Features energy efficient exterior insulation and tight construction
  • Double paned windows
  • Two closets and built-in bookshelves
  • Wired for electricity, though it has never been hooked up
  • Not currently plumbed, though nearby water service could be hooked up
  • Heated by wood stove
  • Bonus 300 sq. ft. storage and utility shed

About the land:

  • Clear, cool swimming and fishing pond (part of the acreage held in common)
  • Rolling pastures dotted with cedar trees
  • Mixed hardwood forest
  • Established and producing varieties of edible cultivars–apples, grapes, blueberries, juneberries, and mulberries
  • Small gardens with ample space to expand
  • Walking paths to the neighbors’
  • Boasts a diverse mix of edible wild and native plants
  • Acreage is about 50/50 mixed woods and pasture
  • Plenty of sun exposure, with trees for wind protection and shade as well
  • Year round water
  • Within ¼ mile of a small creek
  • Barred owls, whippoorwills, tree frogs and mooing cows: the local symphony!

Who would be ideal:

  • Folks interested in simple living, community involvement, and sharing the joys of a rural lifestyle.
  • Families, couples, and individuals of all types that dream of a rural, handcrafted lifestyle amidst a community of fellow dedicated homesteaders
  • Community members interested in off the grid living
  • Folks who are excited to co-create and live within the Community Land Trust model

About the neighborhood:

  • A collection of homesteads and educational centers along the same gravel road, established in 2007
  • Attracts folks interested in simplicity, DIY lifestyle, homesteading, sustainability, cooperation, cottage industries, and living with zest!
  • Families with kids share childcare, meals, and antics
  • Opportunities to homeschool with other families
  • Amish and local Missourian neighbors add diversity and character

About the area:

  • The area boasts mixed forests, pastures, rolling hills, delightful ponds, and gravel roads complete with Amish buggies.
  • Five miles from the quaint, rural small town of La Plata
  • Fifteen miles from  college town of Kirksville, which offers university-affiliated arts culture as well as many resources for outfitting your homestead
  • The university city of Columbia, MO is a 90-minute drive– close enough to reacquaint yourself with civilization
  • The cities of St. Louis (3 hours), Kansas City (2.5 hours), and Chicago (5 hours) all serve as transportation hubs
  • La Plata is on the Amtrak train line that runs between Chicago and L.A. (Southwest Chief)
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