Creating a community of beauty, generosity, and abundance.

Who We Are

Twelve years ago, a village began on Frontier Lane in Northeast Missouri with the creation of the Possibility Alliance. It has been evolving ever since into a 184 acre community land trust: Bear Creek Community Land Trust is a balance of individually managed leaseholds and commonly shared pasture, orchards, ponds, wild spaces.  The community that has stewarded this vision is a small group of families and individuals committed to exploring alternatives to private land ownership and consumer culture. Together we are co-creating a culture that keeps us rooted in place, wild at heart, and connected to all that is sacred. 

How to Support Us

There are many ways to get involved in joining our community or supporting our vision! We host opportunities to come experience life with us during our workshop season, or interested visitors can contact us to schedule an individual visit. Visitors who are interested in taking steps toward membership can apply for residency with us so we can get to know one another more deeply. We also need support in getting the word out about our growing community, and donations to our community for expanding our shared infrastructure and education opportunities are needed and appreciated. Join our mailing list to receive occasional updates about happenings in our community!

Get in Touch

Bear Creek Community Land Trust
Frontier Lane and Ferrier Lane, La Plata, MO 63549

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